When the acarya leaves this world, many applicants for the position of gurus come.
« I am servant, of the servant, of the servant of the servant, of the master of the Gopis: Hare Krishna  Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare  Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare »

Can we make disciples?

We should not make disciples until we have become liberated or a pure devotee. You must first take shelter of a bona fide guru, become a disciple, and listen to the topics of Krishna from his mouth. Then you have to put everything you have heard into practice and repeat it to others with humility. After doing this for some time, you must become guru yourself. You should not intentionally remain a lightweight for the rest of your days ["guru" literally means "heavy"]. This is a kind of self-deception. To become guru means to become a genuine devotee, engaging all of your senses in the service of Krishna at every moment.

This does not mean that you absolutely have to make disciples. Even so, if it is God's will, some pure devotees teach Krishna consciousness  for the benefit of others. They have no ulterior motive in doing so. Their one and only purpose is to make the light heavy, i.e., to turn those with no interest in Krishna towards Him and make everyone into Krishna's devotees.

Do we have to make disciples?

We don't have to make disciples, we have to become disciples. In other words, we have to remain constantly engaged in the service of Krishna and the spiritual master. The devotees of Vishnu, the vaisnavas, see the guru in all things. If one becomes proud of being a vaisnava, then one's service to Vishnu and the vaisnavas evaporates. One who is free from the sense that he is the doer, who thinks, "I actually do nothing myself. It is Krishna alone who engages me in all activities," and who is constantly engaged in the service of the Lord can actually do something beneficial for the ordinary souls by turning them towards Krishna. But it is not enough to make phony speeches about how you are not the doer. You have to genuinely feel that you are being made to act by the Lord.

Will I be able to make disciples?

Give up your enviousness and show mercy to every living being by turning those who are currently indifferent to Krishna back toward Him. Don't take up the role of spiritual master in order to do harm to others. Don't play at spiritual master with the intention of immersing yourself in sense objects. Don't just dress up as spiritual master. Should you manage to become a sincere servant of the guru and Krishna and acquire their blessings, then there will be nothing to fear. If not, however, you are doomed.

Who can carry out the guru's mission?

The work of spiritual master is done by those who have been sent here by the Lord from the transcendental world. They take on the appearance of ordinary humans beings for the sake of unfortunate conditioned souls like ourselves, to deliver them from the three miseries and send them back to the divine realm. The Lord's messengers, the carriers of His divine message, are the intimate associates of the Lord.

The true holy person carries a sharpened sword with which he beheads the goat-like tendencies to enjoy and renounce, sacrificing them on the altar of devotion. Such a person is the true spiritual master.

The spiritual master is one who has no duty other than service to Krishna, whose intelligence is fixed on Krishna, and who sees nothing but Krishna. He has no desire to hear flattery, and thus is beholden to no one. He can fearlessly preach the truth.

One is eligible to become guru if he speaks nothing but hari-katha, if he never instructs anyone in anything other than devotional service, and if he does not waste even a second of the day in activities other than pleasing Krishna.

An insincere hypocrite cannot be a guru. One whose aspiration is for mundane activity cannot be a guru. Pseudo-gurus should be turned out and exposed. If one selfishly uses the gifts his disciples have surrendered to the Lord, taking them as a means to accumulate wealth, women and worldly fame, then he should be denounced immediately as a cheater. One should not listen to the words of such a rascal. One who purloins the materials that are meant for God's service in his own selfish interest is not worthy of the name "guru".

 may give the child a toy or a doll, to play with, but the child will throw down that toy or doll and cry and cry. So unless you cry, how can you get that mercy? This crying is required — karuna na hoile, kandiya kandiya,prana na ràkhibo ara. Therefore we sing this song. We cry and cry for the mercy of guru. Unless you cry how can you get it? Those who have cried have received the mercy.


kya-bindu diya, koro' ei dase, trinàpekhà ati hina, sakala-sahane, bolo diya koro nija mane sprhà-hina

sakale samman, korite sakati, deho' nàtha! Jathajatha, tabe to'gàibo, harinama-suke, aparadha ha'be hata

kabe heno krpa, lobhiya e jana, krtàrtha hoibe, natha! sakti-buddhi-hin, ami ati din, koro’ more àtma-sàtha

jogyatà-vicare, kichu nahi pai, tomara karuna sara,  karuna nà hoile, kandiya kandiya, prana na ràkhibo ara

Gurudeva! By a drop of your mercy make this servant of yours more humble than a blade of grass. Give me strength to bear all trials and troubles, and free me from all desires for personal honor.

0 lord and master! Invest me with the power to properly honor  all living beings. Only then will I sing the holy narme in great ecstasy and will all my offenses cease.

0 lord and master! When will this person be blessed by obtain­ing your mercy? I am low, fallen, and devoid of all strength and intelligence. Please make me your beloved servant.

When I examine myself, I find nothing of good value. Your mercy is therefore essentiel to me. If you are not merciful, I will con­stantly weep, and I will not maintain my life any longer.*

The jisya or sàdhaka should always cry for guru-krpà, the causeless mercy of the guru. Unless you cry for it you cannot get it. Nobody can get that mercy without crying. For exemple, when the child cries, the mother runs, thinking, "Oh, my child is crying." The child cannot be pacified by anything without the mother's presence. Because she is engaged in performing household duties, the mother

«No shithead, I am the first one  Iskcon all right, careful! Grr…Grr… »

"Once upon a time in the west, an American who became guru for the world"

L’I.R.M, an illusion can hide another Retour We shall eat you all, we will be the  undisputed and indisputable  gurus « What is this speculation, I am the pure representative of Iskcon! » Gaudiya-Math + Mayavadis. We are Indian, we are the gurus of the world… Oufff…

Don’t cry Baba, we are going to poison all of them.… Thus we shall be the gurus…


After a great offense made against Lord Siva, Daksa was seen with a goat's head.

You have all my blessings, come, you will find me, the guru you wait  forever. It is clear for everyone that I am the guru now! I shall be the guru for the  whole world. Shhh…  I am an incarnation  of Jesus. If we want to understand who is a bona fide  guru, we should follow the instructions of Srila  Prabhupada very carefully without any flaw.  If we do not accept this principle of elevation  of the consciousness, we may commit  irreparable offenses. Those are submitted to us, we sacked the "strong heads. "The world is ours. Ki jaya ...…