For the men without intelligence.
What do you want next life? You have the choice.

An acarya never believe to be liberated from this material world. An advanced devotee constantly prays the Lord not to forget him at the time of death, because he always feared not to remember the Lord at this final moment.

A devotee who is not afraid of this world is a neophyte devotee. This material world is very dangerous.

Sukadeva Gosvami continued:

My dear King, in this way Bharata Maharaja was overwhelmed by uncontrollable desire which vas manifest in the form of the deer. Due to the fruitive results of his past deeds, he fell down from mystic yoga, austerity and worship of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. If it were not due to his past fruitive activity, how could he have been attracted to the deer after giving up the association of his own son and family, con­sidering them stumbling blocks on the path of spiritual life? How could he show such uncontrollable affection for a deer? This was definitely due to his past karma. The King was so engrossed in petting and maintaining the deer that he fell down from his spiritual activities. In due course of time, insurmountable death, which is compared to a venomous snake that enters the hole created by a mouse, situated itself before him. (S.B /5/8/26)

The story of Bharata Maharaja

At the time of death, the King saw that the deer was sitting by his side, exactly like his own son, and was lamenting his death. Ac­tually the mind of the King was absorbed in the body of the deer, and consequently—like those bereft of Krishna consciousness—he left the world, the deer, and his material body and acquired the body of a deer. However, there was one advantage. Although he lost his human body and received the body of a deer, he did not forget the incidents of his past life. (S.B /5/8/27)

Although in the body of a deer, Bharata Maharaja, due to his rigid devotional service in his past life, could understand the cause of his birth in that body. Considering his past and present life, he constantly repented his activities, speaking in the following way.  (S.B /5/8/28)

In the body of a deer, Bharata Maharaja began to lament: What misfortune! I have fallen from the path of the self-realized. I gave up my real sons, wife and home to advance in spiritual life, and I took shelter in a solitary holy place in the forest. I became self­controlled and self-realized, and I engaged constantly in devo­tional service, hearing, thinking, chanting, worshiping and remembering the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vasudeva. I was successful in my attempt, so much so that my mind was always absorbed in devotional service. However, due to my personal foolishness, my mind again became attached—this time to a deer. Now I have obtained the body of a deer and have fallen far from  my devotional practices. (S.B/5/8/29)

Srila Prabhupada says:

"Regarding your wanting to give up household life for vanaprastha you may do it and spend your time positively by going on travelling sankîr­tana, provided it is recommended by the temple president and there is facility for taking such a party. Taking of sannyasa order is in one sense only a formality. I was preaching and writing for eight or nine years as vanaprastha and then in 1959 I took sannyasa. So if after a few years as vanaprastha your behavior is ideal sannyasa can be considered. If you actually are serious about taking out a travel­ling party your main activity should be to distribute books. By this most powerful preaching we are becoming very influential in your country and people are seriously reading the books and considering the importance of Krishna consciousness. It does not require that you be sannyasi to take a travelling sankirtana party, nor do you have to be vanaprastha for that matter. There are travelling parties led by all orders of life going out in your country. Lord Caitanya taught that we do not very much care whether one is sannyasa, grhastha or whatever, so long he is fully serving Krishna. So do not act independently, but if there is facility, you can stay out and distribute books and travel with the sankirtana party, as you already have experience." (SPL to Mahatma dasa, lst May, 1974)

"You have written to recommend Tripurari for sannyasi. Thpurari is how­ever already a brahmacari so in essence there is no difference between brahmacari. I have asked Tripurari to dedicate his life to distributing my books and he has turned out the most expert of all our sellers. It is cer­tainly miraculous how he is distributing so many big books even to people who are not interested in Vedic literature. If he takes sannyasa he may not be able to constantly assume so many disguises in public and em­ploy so many tricks for selling books to persons, as it is not in accord with some of the etiquette for sannyasa. Also, I have decided for the time being not to award sannyasa order. You write that this recommenda­tion is your own idea and that he himself is perfectly happy heading up a travelling party of book distributors. So let him go on as he is doing; Krishna is giving him all facility and without question he is doing more than any sannyasi by his personally distributing hundreds of books day after day and inspiring others to follow." (SPL to Ramesvara, 5th june, 1974)

"So if you are afraid of your husband’s taking sannyasa, I shall not give him sannyasa order at any time. Be rest assured. Your husband is already a householder sannyasa because he has no other busi­ness than to serve Krishna. You can be living peacefully with husband and children and always engaged in Krishna  consciousness. One should become sannyasa by action, not by dress. In Bhagavad-gita it is said that any person who doesn't work for himself but for Krishna only is a perfect sannyasa and perfect yogi, never mind what order he lives in. That is the opinion of Lord Caitanya." (SPL to Indira, August 15th, 1971)

"If you have taken a wife for grhastha life, why are you neglecting? That is not Vaisnava. Vaisnava means he is very much responsible, and if he is householder, then he must be responsible. I cannot give sannyasa to any devotee who has not proven himself to be responsible in all respects. Better you prove yourself first by being ideal householder and forget all this nonsense." (SPL to Mahatma, 16th July, 1972)

It is not difficult to understand Srila Prabhupada in this context. We have the example of these completely irresponsible sannyasis who took the order of sannyasa, innitiated by ominous shills who knew very well that they had poisoned Srila Prabhupada. The saying goes, "Birds of the same feather flock together ..." A thug sannyasa who initiates a sannyasa, according to the logic of our acaryas, in the end, this makes two thugs. They multiplied themselves in this way and proclaim: "We are Iskcon. On behalf of Srila Prabhupada, we shall initiate our voters, our worshipers, we shall be the undisputed masters, etc ... etc ...”

How these people can they be accepted as sannyasis. They are cheaters of the highest caliber. They have no knowledge, they lounge on sumptuous vyasasanas, accept the offerings of their poor, infortunate followers, tell stories just to fill time and captivate a beatific audience. In reality, they have nothing to say. Sometimes they talk in terms of regulative principles, principles that they do not follow. They quote a few verses memorized without being able to give the exact meaning, what to say  of expatiating on it.

They make shows, borrowed of some charisma without being able to answer relevant questions, full of common sense. They are very expert to deride the situation in order to create an atmosphere of irony in bad taste.

When some persons, more enlightened than others, criticize their attitude which does not correspond to their status, these cheaters demonize them in terms which correspond in all respects with their rascal mentality : "These are karmis, they are envious, they don't want to give anything to Krishna, they make offenses, they will go to hell, they will have an accident, etc ... etc ...” We have seen this kind of character who has returned to his stronghold in the United States, who said, sitting on a vyasasana, a summer evening, in the grounds of a temple: "In order not to be disturbed by insects, become a guru ..." He was sprawled on a vyasasana, it was hot, the place was illuminated, it was evening, many insects fluttered, one of his "disciple" faded him with a camara ...  To meditate ...

These people have no sobriety, no sense of honor. They do not know what means to be responsible; How could they? They have no faith, no law, no master, their consciousness is at the level of their senses, no more,  how could they control their mind and how could they be sensible, intelligent. It is not possible.

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